CEO Performance Advisory Services

I act as a type of sparring partner to help CEOs:

  • Identify the main challenges ahead
  • Ask you the difficult, but vital questions
  • Constructively challenge your courses of action
  • Help you clarify the next steps
  • Undergo self-assessment programs
  • Assess personal strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • Identify when & how you should change your image
  • Probe & test overlooked areas of personal transformation
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Key People Advisory Services

  • Appointment of Executive Committee members, including CEO
  • Reviewing and assessing your key people
  • Global Executive search, analysis and placement
  • Developing key people for yet bigger roles
  • Succession planning in key posts
  • Internationalising your leadership team
  • Better utilisation of board members effectiveness
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I Do Not Offer

  • Financial analysis
  • Business consulting
  • Analysis of strategic options
  • Psychological coaching/therapy

My services are discreet and completely confidential.

How I Work

  1. We can begin by meeting in person for a 90 minute no-obligation discussion
  2. Assuming you would like to proceed, we can begin with a 3 month trial of working together
  3. Following the trial period, we can either part company or discuss further arrangements to work together



  • Meetings can be held in person or via Skype at any convenient time
  • Experience proves that it is desirable to have between 2 and 4 meetings per month


Download my CEO Search Brochure here.

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