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Becoming a CEO transforms your world. New opportunities, new pressures and new emotions are all part of the change. Now you must lead, so that others will follow. Your success as a CEO is determined both by yourself and by the key people working with you.

The transition can be complex. Time is often short. Upon assuming the position of CEO, you may have little more than 6 months to show that you are the right choice. You will need to assemble your management team. Finding the right people means far more than just scrutinizing a CV. It takes judgment and experience that has been proven over time.

At this point, the loneliness of the CEO’s role sinks in. You may deal with public relations, journalists, shareholders, government agencies, competitors, associates, unions, and analysts, but they cannot help you with the expert advice you need for your new job and new choices. However, a reliable, trustworthy and competent mentor can work with you for your success in these different facets of leadership.

Jean Michel Beigbeder has the industry experience and business knowledge to assist you in making the right decisions. With skills acquired over many years as a top chief executive himself, he can also help you to steer clear the many perils and pitfalls that await other CEOs. Leadership, team demotivation, losses, disappointing business results or even forced disposals of business units due to poor leadership can all be avoided or prevented.

Your interpersonal relationships as the CEO with your team can be enhanced, helping you to promote the right people and thus retain valuable assets to your company. Jean Michel Beigbeder assists CEOs throughout the crucial process of selecting, hiring and positioning the key members of their teams.

With Jean Michel as your ally and mentor, discover the real profile and references of each candidate for a position on your team. Get past the CV that may have been primed by somebody else, and get to the truth through an effective yet very discreet investigation into how the candidate is in real life.

Go further with sound advice and counsel from Jean Michel Beigbeder and Beigbeder CEO Advisory to correctly handle other urgent and important decisions too.

  • Advising/counselling CEOs for achieving corporate goals through effective management teams
  • Assessment and key decisions related to top management teams
  • Objective and expert evaluation of options and recommended courses of action
  • Implementation of strategies agreed-on/internal promotions/external senior executive searches.

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