Case Studies of Clients

A major shareholder of an international industrial corporation was seeking advice on whether to renew the current CEO tenure or whether to appoint another CEO from outside.

I advised him on the process and options available to him, and generated a plan of action to resolve this dilemma. As a result he felt he had made the right decision in the interest of the company. My client was delighted at the creative solution generated through our discussions.

A senior partner at a private equity firm wanted to develop business contacts to build a network of relations in the French industrial world. He wanted to access to elite professionals and executives in France.

I provided him with 20 different meetings and a selected list of desirable contacts including bankers, government agencies, industrial CEOs, and other leaders of industry.

A highly successful Executive left his company to become Head of a newly acquired company with a single shareholding private equity firm.

The adjustment to the financial requirements of a private equity shareholder was totally unfamiliar to him. I helped him adjust to the specific requirements of a private equity shareholder with which he was totally unfamiliar.

The heir of a very large retail group (10B+ Euro) wanted to optimise his career path and experience to be able to succeed at the top.

I helped him develop his ability for self-assessment and gave him a sustainable solution to answering his gaps and needs to become a full-fledged CEO.

A CEO with 3-6 years to retirement wanted to plan the remaining time properly.

We worked together to prepare his succession, helped him choose the date of his departure and helped him appoint the new CEO from inside the company.

We also gave Executive selected the appropriate line experience for a smooth transition.

A French Senior Executive with 25 years of experience and a top divisional position came back to France to be the CEO of a large industrial company.

Upon his return to France I helped him reconnect to the French environment and establish a network of business relations.

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